As Head of Software Engineering at an R&D-stage biotech startup (Cellarity) I’ve been exploring how to integrate commercial, open source and custom software components into a single coherent data platform that coordinates and drives innovation across multiple teams and disciplines.

I want to build a community of systems architects, CDOs and others with similar goals to share our experiences. This blog is the first step, where I’ll share what I’ve learned and explore the vision that I’m working towards.

The next steps will depend on the response from readers like you. To join the conversation and be part of the next steps, subscribe to my mailing list where I’ll announce new posts (every 2 to 4 weeks) and occasionally write shorter pieces that I haven’t yet boiled down into a blog post.

Before Cellarity, I was at Sanofi, Verily Life Sciences and Google. Before that, I was a math professor working on research in low-dimensional topology and applications to machine learning.

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